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I will post all worksheets and solutions at the bottom of this page, along with dates for upcoming mock exams, and the mock exams themselves. Anyone can access these resources, but I strongly encourage everyone to come to at least one session in order to fully benefit from the Physics Department's Supplemental Instruction Program.


Mock Exam 2 has been scheduled and is shown below.

About Me

My name is Jacob Richardson and I'm currently a sophomore majoring in Physics and minoring in Math and Sociology. This is my first semester as a Supplemental Instruction Leader and I am thrilled to be involved with the University Academic Success Centre the first semester Physics tutoring is being made available. The broad field of Physics has appealed to me since I was in high school. Physics encompasses many different fields: From laser and astrophysics, to quantum and theoretical. Physics has a little bit of everything for everyone. The ability to define the basic principles of the universe, from the tiniest quark to the most massive galaxy, absolutely fascinates me as well. I hope, after I earn my undergraduate degree, to go to graduate school and specialize in astrophysics.

Please note the files are all 2013 Word documents or Adobe Reader PDF files. If you don't have a version of Microsoft word past 2003 then you can download the Microsoft compatibility pack  HERE

 Mock Exams

Mock Exam 2:


Friday, March 7th 6:30-8:30 PM

HHB 125


Thursday, March 6th 5:00-7:00 PM

EB 131

Mock Exam 2.docx Mock Exam 2.docx
Size : 36.806 Kb
Type : docx
Mock Exam 2 Solutions part 1.pdf Mock Exam 2 Solutions part 1.pdf
Size : 2762.886 Kb
Type : pdf
Mock Exam 2 Solutions Part 2.pdf Mock Exam 2 Solutions Part 2.pdf
Size : 3911.73 Kb
Type : pdf

Mock Exam 1:

Wednesday, February 5th 7-9 PM

EB 236

Mock Exam 1.docx Mock Exam 1.docx
Size : 41.572 Kb
Type : docx
Mock exam 1 part 1.pdf Mock exam 1 part 1.pdf
Size : 4120.024 Kb
Type : pdf
mock exam 1 part 2.pdf mock exam 1 part 2.pdf
Size : 1541.537 Kb
Type : pdf
February 27th.docx February 27th.docx
Size : 34.977 Kb
Type : docx
Feb 27.pdf Feb 27.pdf
Size : 2101.178 Kb
Type : pdf
February 25th.docx February 25th.docx
Size : 15.124 Kb
Type : docx
Feb 25.pdf Feb 25.pdf
Size : 2012.641 Kb
Type : pdf
February 20th.docx February 20th.docx
Size : 25.081 Kb
Type : docx
Feb 20th solutions.pdf Feb 20th solutions.pdf
Size : 2057.615 Kb
Type : pdf
February 18th.docx February 18th.docx
Size : 15.839 Kb
Type : docx
Feb 18 solutions.pdf Feb 18 solutions.pdf
Size : 1793.822 Kb
Type : pdf
January 23rd.docx January 23rd.docx
Size : 15.715 Kb
Type : docx
Jan 23rd Solutions.pdf Jan 23rd Solutions.pdf
Size : 2237.349 Kb
Type : pdf
January 21st.docx January 21st.docx
Size : 14.954 Kb
Type : docx
Jan 21st Solutions.pdf Jan 21st Solutions.pdf
Size : 1943.537 Kb
Type : pdf
January 16.docx January 16.docx
Size : 14.943 Kb
Type : docx
Jan 16 solutions.pdf Jan 16 solutions.pdf
Size : 875.908 Kb
Type : pdf
January 14th.docx January 14th.docx
Size : 15.076 Kb
Type : docx
January 14 Solutions.pdf January 14 Solutions.pdf
Size : 1156.259 Kb
Type : pdf